Interior designer profession

Who is an interior designer? A professional in charge of designing beautiful, functional and safe interior spaces of houses, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants. He addresses various styles – art deco, empire, hi-tech, avant-garde – modern trends and client preferences. We will learn more about the responsibilities, qualities, skills, salary, career prospects of an Hyderabad interior designer and training in this profession at the institute.

interior designer profession, what is it?

An interior designer works to create interior design projects. He communicates with the client, finding out personal wishes for design and style solutions, the purpose of the premises and other points that are intended to complement the technical task. While working, the designer is guided by SNiPs, GOSTs, principles of ergonomics, technical specifications from the customer. The result is a project that includes a space plan, a sketch (collage), 3D visualization of the interior, working drawings (lighting layout plan, ceiling and floor plan, fixing plumbing and heating radiators, wall sweep, installation / dismantling of partitions), lists of finishing materials , furniture and lighting, estimate.

interior designer job responsibilities

An interior designer is a creative person who is responsible for all stages of preparation and implementation of redevelopment and interior decoration projects. His responsibilities include:

  • Search and receive new orders
  • Determination of the goals and requirements of the project, discussion of tasks with the client
  • Consideration of how the space will be used and how people will live and move in it
  • Creation of preliminary sketches with design plans
  • Preparation of the final project of the future interior with an indication of the materials used for wall, ceiling and floor decoration, furniture, plumbing, textiles, lighting
  • Time planning for each stage of the project implementation and budgeting
  • Order all materials
  • Monitoring the work of the repair team and meeting deadlines
  • Site visit following the results of the project implementation to communicate with the client and receive feedback

There is no single job description for a chief interior designer. During his work, he works closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, construction workers and assistants. The profession of an interior designer provides a choice of specialization. Some create projects for the interior spaces of houses, while others prefer hotels, restaurants or other premises.

place of work

  • 30% of professionals work in design studios
  • 25% of interior designers prefer freelancing and starting their own business
  • 20% work in architectural organizations
  • 15% work in furniture factories, shops and other trading companies

should you become an interior designer?

Pros of the profession

Interior designers are in demand in the labor market, they are engaged in creative work that cannot yet be replaced by artificial intelligence, and have the opportunity to realize their ideas and intentions. The industry is constantly evolving, which requires constant training and development from professionals. Each new project is different from the previous one, which brings variety to the work. Interior designers usually take orders for wealthy clients or companies, which guarantees high wages.

Cons of the profession

Interior designers are sure that there is only one minor disadvantage in their work – a possible discrepancy between their own vision of the project and the taste of the customer, i.e. the need to adapt to the preferences of the client.

what skills and personal qualities should an interior designer have?

  • Creativity and attention to detail
  • Ability to identify and predict trends
  • Developed aesthetic and artistic taste
  • Ability to conduct a constructive dialogue, hear the wishes of customers, find a common language with different people
  • Artistic drawing ability
  • Possession of professional software for visualization of projects (Sweet Home 3D, AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, ArchiCAD)
  • Drafting skills
  • Organization
  • Spatial thinking
  • Color perception
  • Abstractness and associativity of thinking
  • Sense of taste and harmony
  • Understanding the principles of sustainable design
  • Ability to construct and design

Moreover, the designer is obliged to correctly read the drawings and know the building codes and inspection rules; possess skills for building information modeling and 3D visualization of structural elements.

how to become a professional interior designer?

What does it take to become an interior designer? First, desire. Secondly, the main personal qualities listed above. To start a career, an interior designer will have to obtain a specialized higher education – a Bachelor’s degree. High-quality training programs are available at universities in Europe; universities in Italy are especially popular. When choosing a suitable course of study for an interior designer, pay attention to the practical orientation of education, the presence of joint projects with design studios, the possibility of internships.

The Marangoni Institute in Milan is renowned for its close relationships with industry companies and the quality training of creative professionals. The university invites graduates of schools, specialists with work experience, people who want to change the profile of their activities into the ranks of students. There is an ideal program for everyone:

We talked more about teaching interior design at Istituto Marangoni in a previously published article at the link .

Having received a higher education as an interior designer, graduates should undergo an internship, and then start looking for their first customers or a permanent job in design studios, in furniture factories or in architectural organizations. While studying, it is important to pay attention to the design of a portfolio of projects, which will significantly help at the start of a career. For more useful information on becoming a professional, read the article: ” 10 Things You Should Know If You Want To Become An Interior Designer .”

how much does an interior designer earn?

An interior designer’s income depends on a number of factors: education, experience, qualifications, company, country, project. Everything is very individual. However, there are statistics. For example, in the US, the average annual salary for interior designers is $ 56,000, with 10% of professionals earning more than $ 96,000 per year. In Russia, the income level reaches $ 25,000 per year.

prospects for the interior designer profession

By 2028, the demand for interior designers will grow by 4%. In order to receive orders, it is important to follow industry trends and global trends. High demand for sustainable interior design is expected. Moreover, modern designers need to learn how to create interior design projects for homes suitable for independent living of elderly people with disabilities. Such a professional is not limited to a specific field of activity, having received additional education, he can specialize in the creation of furniture, the creative component of architecture, the design of lighting or exhibition areas. 


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